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Goof Enterprises

Websites for Travel and Lifestyle

Our Team

Our team has over ten years of experience building blogs and websites.

We develop content for our websites in the travel and lifestyle realm with experiences and tips on how to travel easier, travel better, and live fuller.


Our Sites

Travel Made Simple is a travel resource site concentrating on:

  • Carry On Travel: Packing light, packing less, managing airline restrictions, and picking a good bag for carry-on only travel.
  • Layovers: Tips for managing a layover.
  • Destinations: Itineraries for select countries in Europe and other parts of the world. Reviews of tours and food tours around the world.

Berlin Travel Tips is a travel site concentrating on:

  • Berlin itineraries: How to make the most of your time in Berlin, whether you have one day or one week, plus day trips.
  • Advice for exploring Berlin: Tips for what to do and see, eat and drink, what to pack, and where to stay.
  • Germany travel: Advice for the rest of your trip to Germany, including transport, itineraries, what to see and do, eat and drink.

Ali’s Adventures is a personal travel journal including:

  • Travel Pictorials: Seeing a place through pictures and stories.
  • Budget posts: Real world examples of how much it costs to visit an array of locations

Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches  –  More than just cheese on bread.

This is a recipe site that brings you creative and delicious ways to make this classic sandwich in not-so-classic ways.

Grounded Traveler – “Putting down roots, and still seeing the world.”

  • Travel Pictorials: Seeing a place through pictures and stories.
  • Expat life in Germany: Experiences and observations of an expat learning to live in Germany.

Ctrl-Alt-Travel – “Travel is in the details”:

  • Travel is in the Details: Travel articles about small details of travel.
  • Beyond the Tourist Sites: Sure there are things not to miss, but most of the fun of traveling lies beyond the hordes.

Sleep in the Woodsan urbanite experiences nature and survives.

This is outdoor oriented site for not-really-outdoor oriented people and is a look at camping gear, trips, and such with an eco-freindly angle.